Twitter shows its support for the #MissingType campaign

August 16 2016
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The #MissingType campaign is back again this year, raising awareness around the worldwide shortage of donations for certain blood types. The campaign has been encouraging Twitter users to remove the A’s, O’s and B’s from their names and posts to help spread the word.

Visibrain took a look at how the international initiative is spreading on Twitter, and the top brands and individuals who were showing their support.

The numbers

The #MissingType hashtag was trending all day on Tuesday, with volumes steadily increasing over the course of the afternoon. By 4 pm, there had already been 12,094 tweets from 8,181 users:

An overview of tweet volumes for the #missingtype campaign

The link to the NHS Blood and Transplant website was shared over 2,500 times.

Brands lend their voices to the campaign

As well as individuals from across the world, a number of high-profile brands tweeted their support for the campaign.

The top 5 most-retweeted on Tuesday were Tesco, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Nando’s, Google Japan and Innocent:

#MissingType goes international

This year, #MissingType was spreading its message on an international scale. As well as Google Japan, brands and individuals from countries across the world were also tweeting the hashtag:

Although the majority of tweets came from the UK at 64%, the hashtag was also being tweeted in other countries, including the United States (5.4%), the Netherlands(5.3%), Ireland (4.6%) and Australia (4.4%).

Missing type goes international

The first day of #MissingType can certainly be considered a success: the campaign has had international reach, been covered widely by the press, and the website has been shared thousands of times on Twitter alone.

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Published in Analysis