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The #longestreign hashtag has been ruling our Twitter streams today as the world celebrates Queen Elizabeth II becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Political figures, celebrities, members of the Royal Family and of course brands have flocked to Twitter to congratulate Her Majesty for her 63 years on the throne.

At the time this article was written there had been over 44,000 tweets using the #longestreign hashtag. Using the Visibrain platform, we’ve picked out the top ten most-retweeted homages posted by brands today.

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This weekend should have been the start of “Operation Fortitude”, in Melbourne, Australia. The controversial policing operation would have allowed Australian Border Force officers, in collaboration with other agencies, to carry out random visa checks in Melbourne’s CBD.

The public uproar was immediate and overwhelming, with many calling the operation “Orwellian”, “racist” and “intrusive”. Within a matter of hours, the negative backlash had grown to such an extent that the whole thing was cancelled.

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August 19th was World Humanitarian Day, a U.N tribute to humanitarian aid workers who have lost their lives in service, as well as to those all those affected by humanitarian strife.

This year, The U.N came up with a clever campaign to increase awareness about humanitarian action worldwide. The concept was simple: the #ShareHumanity campaign allowed people to “donate” their Twitter and Facebook feeds for a few hours. Their feeds were then used to tell the story of a humanitarian aid worker somewhere in the world. The campaign put forward some truly inspiring content, sharing the stories of brave and selfless people trying to make a difference.

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Unilever found itself at the center of a Twitter storm this month, after a crisis broke on social media concerning the brand’s activities in India. To draw attention to the wide-spread mercury pollution and poisoning left behind by a Unilever thermometer factory in the province of Kodaikanal, Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf released “Kodaikanal Won’t”, a music video based on rap star Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Anaconda”.

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This week, Google sent Twitter into a frenzy with their announcement of the creation of Alphabet, their new parent company.

The surprising revelation has been tweeted about 535,621 times since Monday. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened on Twitter when Google dropped the Alphabet bombshell.