Twitter seeks to woo celebrities and influencers with Engage

June 22 2016
Published in Opinions

Twitter has launched Engage, an app designed to help celebrities and influencers to interact more easily with their fans and encourage audience growth. But is it a good idea or not?

The app certainly makes sense for Twitter. The celebrities and influencers that use it are vital to its survival. People want to hear what they have to say, and the content they produce attracts a lot of users and encourages engagement.

Take Hillary Clinton’s “Delete your account” tweet to Donald Trump:

The tweet went viral in minutes and has been retweeted nearly half a million times. This kind of content is worth its weight in gold to Twitter.

But Twitter is not always easy to use for people with very high audiences. The constant stream of notifications make it difficult for them to keep an eye on who is following and interacting with them. With Engage, Twitter is seeking to make itself more user-friendly for its most valuable content creators, with a tool to help them promote themselves.

It’s a difficult balancing act: Twitter is trying to find a happy medium between protecting its influencers from information overload, and cutting them off from their fans completely.

We’ll have to wait and see if Twitter’s latest gamble pays off.

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Published in Opinions