How to detect a crisis in your data

Would you be able to spot a crisis in your data?

Many brands now use media monitoring for their day-to-day reputation management. But with all of the noise generated by social media, the online press and blogs every day, detecting the first signs of a PR disaster before it has time to snowball is no mean feat.

So how do you spot the warning signs of a budding crisis in all of the conversations around your brand?

Download the Visibrain crisis detection guide

Visibrain has come up with a comprehensive guide explaining how - and where - to spot the first moments of a crisis in your monitoring data. Download the Visibrain guide to find out how to use media monitoring data to protect your brand’s reputation from a PR catastrophe:

  • The 4 key types of data that will help you to pick up on a crisis quickly
  • Case studies that provide real examples of how using data can save the day

A guide by Visibrain, the online media monitoring platform for PR professionals. Download the full document by entering your email address below.

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