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Last week, Twitter rolled out its long-awaited new character count rules. Photos, GIFS, videos, quoted tweets and polls are now no longer counted as part of a tweet’s character limit. Twitter’s 140 characters have been a subject of debate since day one, with some users seeing them as a frustrating limitation that should be scrapped, and others insisting that they’re a key part of Twitter that contributes to the platform’s appeal.

But when it comes to the length of a tweet, does size really matter?

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The #TrainGate hashtag took over Twitter on Tuesday, after Virgin Trains released CCTV footage that suggested Jeremy Corbyn actually had a seat on the train he had previously declared was so full that he had been forced to sit on the floor.

In an unusual PR move, the brand hit back at the Labour leader after he attacked the shortcomings of the UK’s privatized rail service earlier this month.

So was it a good move for the brand or not? Visibrain looked into the #TrainGate crisis to try and determine what the general public and the media had to say about the scandal, and Virgin’s attempt to defend its reputation.