Visibrain launches a new monitoring tool for reputation management

October 5 2016
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Visibrain is reinforcing its focus on reputation management and crisis prevention with the launch of a new product: a media monitoring platform for the online press, blogs and social media.

The new platform possesses 4 key features designed to help PR and Communications professionals, both in-house and agency-based, with brand reputation management:

A powerful alert system

Because being well informed is so crucial when it comes to preventing and managing crisis situations, the platform is designed to ensure that users are always the first to know about a budding crisis or a rising trend. Visibrain has developed a powerful alert system that is easy to set up, fully customizable, and reactive.

The user can choose between several different alert modes:

  • Manual abnormal volume alerts: the user can choose to receive an alert when mention volumes go above a predefined number per hour.
  • Intelligent abnormal volume alerts: the Visibrain alert system automatically notifies the user when mention volumes go above their normal levels.
  • Every mention alert: the user receives an alert every time a topic is mentioned.
  • Customized alerts: The user chooses a specific time and date to receive an alert along with which of the platform metrics to include.
  • Rising trend alerts: the user is alerted if a certain element, such as an expression, a link or a hashtag, is being increasingly associated with their topic.

The alerts can be received in four different ways: by email, by text message, via Slack or directly via a company’s internal system.

Visibrain's powerful alert system notifies you in the event of abnormal activity around your brand

Advanced data filtering

The Visibrain Focus filtering system is the result of 5 years of research and development. When dealing with big data, being able to sort through information quickly is vital. The system allows users to reduce noise in just a few clicks by excluding certain elements and combining filters.

For example, Focus can provide lists of influencers around a topic. The platform aims above all to provide clear, actionable insights, fast.

Visibrain's advanced filtering system helps you to find what you're looking for, fast.

An intuitive interface

Visibrain’s interface is clean and simple, designed for everyday use. The intuitive system allows users to react quickly in the event of a crisis, identifying risks and opportunities easily.

Visibrain's beautiful, modern interface is easy to use and intuitive.

Personalised support

Visibrain also offers full, personalised customer support. Every user has a dedicated account manager to help them with getting started, setting up their monitoring strategy and using the platform on a daily basis. Customer support in case of a crisis and training is also available.

Along with the new platform, Visibrain has also overhauled its visual identity with a new logo:

The new Visibrain logo

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