#GBBO on Twitter: social data highlights for season 7

October 28 2016
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After 10 weeks of impressive cakes and innuendo, that’s it for Bake off! The show has had an impressive following on Twitter this year, so Visibrain looked back at some of the top social stats behind Season 7 of #GBBO.

Over 2.5 million tweets

From the date of the first episode through to the final, The Great British Bake off has racked up a showstopping 2.5 million tweets sent from just under 700,000 different Twitter accounts.

An overview of tweet volumes for #GBBO season 7

The #GBBO hashtag was used 1.6 million times.

The majority goes to the ladies: 66.9% of people tweeting about Bake Off were women.

The top cities tweeting about Bake Off were London (25%), Manchester (5%) and Leeds (2.7%).

There were over 22,000 different press articles and blog posts published about Bake Off during season 7, the most shared of which was the BBC’s coverage of the show going over to Channel 4.

GBBO press and blog articles

Twitter’s Star Baker: Val

Val comes out on top as Twitter’s star baker for season 7, having racked up an impressive 131,852 mentions in spite having left the show on Week 5 (and not having a Twitter account). The was a massive spike in mentions of Val when she reappeared for the final.

In fact, the most retweeted tweet of the entire series was a comment on Val leaving the show. Sent by by Dan Howell on September 22nd, it has over 15,000 retweets to date:

Of course, Selasi is not far behind with 128,091 mentions over the ten weeks of Bake Off.

He was the most popular contestant on Twitter in the majority of episodes, and his following has increased from just 304 followers at the start of the season to an impressive 73,000 followers today.

The most-tweeted episode

The episode of Bake Off that got the most tweets during the hour of the show was the final, with 159,293 tweets. It beat last year’s Bake Off final, which attracted 136,811 tweets when Nadiya Hussein won the title.

It was followed closely by Week One, which got 154,793 tweets.

Twitter failed to predict this year’s winner

So who did Twitter think was going to win? In 2015, Twitter showed massive support for finalist Nadiya Hussein, who did indeed end up winning the competition. But it looks like Twitter’s prediction was off this year. In the hours running up to the show, Twitter was rooting for Andrew: he was mentioned 7,662 times during the day, compared to just 6,336 for Candice and 3,141 for Jane.

However, when it was announced that Candice had won; the number of mentions of her spiked dramatically, going over 3,000 tweets per minute. In total, she was mentioned in 29,926 tweets. #teamcandice was the third most-used hashtag during the show after #GBBOFinal and #GBBO.

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