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Earlier this week, theme park Sea World announced that it planned to put an end to its controversial orca displays in San Diego. The attraction’s reputation has been stuck in a downward spiral for years following the release of the incredibly damaging documentary “Blackfish” in 2013, seeing its profits and attendance rates plummet.

“Sea World” was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter this Tuesday morning as a result of the company’s latest attempt to salvage its poor image. But how did users react, and will it be enough to save the company’s reputation? We used the Visibrain Twitter monitoring platform to try to find out.

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Last week British confectionary company Cadbury launched a Halloween campaign: the #CadburyCraveyard competition. The chocolate brand asked its followers to vote for the “resurrection” of one of their childhood favorites, Marble or Fuse, by tweeting using the #CadburyCraveyard hashtag along with the name of the chocolate bar.

Over 12,000 users tweeted the hashtag between October 26th and November 1st, and we used the Visibrain platform to find out how Cadbury fans responded on Twitter, and the insights the brand can glean from the experience.

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Last week, UK telecoms service Talk Talk announced that it had been the victim of “a significant and sustained cyberattack”. In the third hacking incident that the company has suffered this year, sensitive information belonging to thousands of customers was stolen, including phone numbers and bank account details.

Talk Talk has understandably come under some heavy fire in the media, and has been very present on Twitter from the beginning of the crisis. We used the Visibrain platform to break down how the crisis unfurled on Twitter, how Talk Talk reacted as a company, and what tweeters had to say about the cybersecurity disaster.

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Today, October 21st 2015, is Back To The Future Day, and the #BackToTheFuture hashtag has been taking over our Twitter streams. The world has been tweeting like crazy to celebrate the date Marty McFly and Doc time-traveled to in the classic hit movie.

Of course, brands have been rushing to jump on the Delorean bandwagon, so we used the Visibrain platform to give you the top ten most-retweeted #BacktotheFuture posts of the day!

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American anti-tobacco group Truth caused quite a stir this weekend with their latest campaign “Big Tobacco Be Like”. Already well known for their off-the-wall videos targeting young smokers, the group’s new campaign aimed to raise awareness in young people about how tobacco companies profit from them smoking.

Truth aimed high by combining astute TV targeting with a plethora of Twitter advertising tools to obtain high levels of engagement for their newest message. We used the Visibrain platform to try to determine the extent of the campaign’s success on Twitter.