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The #MissingType campaign is back again this year, raising awareness around the worldwide shortage of donations for certain blood types. The campaign has been encouraging Twitter users to remove the A’s, O’s and B’s from their names and posts to help spread the word.

Visibrain took a look at how the international initiative is spreading on Twitter, and the top brands and individuals who were showing their support.

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The #savetwitter hashtag was trending all day this Thursday, after a mysterious rumour started to spread that Twitter was going to shut down in 2017 due to excessive cyberbullying on the platform.

The story turned out to be fake, but not before the rumour had run wild for hours. Visibrain took a closer look at how the hashtag spread, and what happens when false information is left to spread unchecked on social media.

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Southern Rail is in the hot seat on Twitter today, after unions announced that its staff would be going on a 5-day strike. The movement is an effort to improve overall security, by ensuring that trains have both a driver and a conductor. As the longest rail strike in the UK since 1968, the walkout has massively reduced the number of trains running, causing chaos for commuters.

Angry customers have flocked to Twitter to complain about the disruptions. Visibrain analysed today’s conversations around Southern Rail to find out what people had to say, and what the widespread anger could mean for the company.

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This article was updated on August 2nd

It has been a difficult week for Byron Burger. The restaurant chain has been dividing social media ever since it was discovered that it had turned dozens of members of staff over to immigration officials. Byron allegedly set up a fake training session to lure workers into a government raid that resulted in over 35 of them being deported.