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Even if you don’t play Pokémon Go, you’re bound to have heard about it by now. Nintendo’s virtual reality game has taken the world by storm. Over the past two weeks, the gaming phenomenon has been the centre of attention in the press and on social media, racking up an incredible 23 million tweets so far.

Visibrain looks into some of the key stats behind the record-breaking app.

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Yesterday was the second edition of Amazon Prime Day. Amazon renewed its efforts to dethrone Black Friday as the biggest online shopping event of the year. But after the issues the brand experienced last year - and with many shoppers reporting additional problems this year - did Amazon manage to dodge another #PrimeDayFail debacle? We used Visibrain to analyse online activity on social media, blogs and in the press, to find out how things went for Prime Day 2016.

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After a 7-year inquiry, the Chilcot Report was finally published yesterday. The 6 thousand-page report gave a damning verdict of the legality of the Iraq War. The internet reacted explosively in the first few hours after the report’s release, with hundreds of thousands of people commenting via social media sites, blogs and forums.