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The 2016 Met Gala has been burning up our Twitter feeds today. As one of the most iconic events of the fashion world, the event always attracts a lot of attention, and this year’s “Fashion in the age of Technology” theme was particularly popular. We took a look at which celebrity outfits were turning heads on social media.

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British Home Stores has been hitting the headlines this week after it declared on Monday that it would be going into administration.

The iconic department store chain’s predicament has put thousands of jobs on the line and revealed some very unethical business practices by the company’s shareholders. We used the Visibrain media monitoring platform to study what’s being said about the brands situation online.

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David Cameron has had another particularly difficult week on Twitter. The UK PM came under heavy fire last week after the Panama Papers scandal revealed that his family benefitted from offshore tax evasion.

The Prime Minister has been the target of a huge backlash on Twitter as a result, with a number of dedicated hashtags being used to call for his resignation, organize protests, and generally ridicule the PM’s predicament. We used the Visibrain Quicktrends feature to analyze the various hashtags that appeared around David Cameron over the past week.

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UPDATE: Our full, in-depth study of the Panama Papers is now available for download.

The #PanamaPapers scandal has been taking over our newsfeeds this week. Dubbed the biggest leak in the history of data journalism, the crisis has put the financial affairs of the world’s most rich and powerful under scrutiny.

Panama Papers has been raging since Sunday, and for those involved it certainly looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. We used the Visibrain media monitoring platform to take a look at some of the key data showing the online impact of the crisis so far.