Twitter’s top 3 Easter campaigns for 2016

March 31 2016
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We saw some great ads from brands for Easter this year, but which had the most impact on social media? We compared activity volumes around some of this year’s most popular campaigns using Visibrain Quick Trends to find out which ads won Twitter for Easter.

1- Cadbury #Eggseverywhere – 2,561 tweets

Cadbury attracted the most tweets with its #Eggseverywhere campaign, based on the time-old tradition of the Easter egg hunt. As well as “hiding” its iconic purple eggs at locations across the country, including Loch Ness and the London Aquarium, the brand teamed up with the National Trust to organize real-life Easter egg hunts.

The campaign was a hit on Twitter, attracting 2,561 tweets over the last 30 days:

Tweet volumes for Cadbury's #Eggseverywhere campaign

2- Carlsberg “If Carlsberg did chocolate” – 2,103 tweets

Carlsberg is up next with “If Carlsberg did Chocolate bars”, a spectacular experiential campaign featuring a pop-up bar…made of chocolate. People were understandably impressed with the idea:

The brand wanted to make sure that people were thinking about beer as much as they usually think about chocolate over Easter. It certainly worked; there were 2,013 tweets about Carlsberg’s campaign over the past 30 days:

Tweet volumes for Carlsberg's Chocolate bar campaign

3- Aldi Gorilla spoof – 1,328 tweets

Aldi’s spoof of the classic Cadbury drumming gorilla ad went down a treat on Twitter, coming in third place:

The cheeky campaign was shared in 1,328 tweets over the past 30 days:

Tweets volumes for Aldi's Gorilla spoof ad

BONUS - Asda “Chocolate Hen”

Asda stood out from the crowd with their “Chocolate Hen” TV spot. The quirky ad features a giant chocolate chicken coming to roost on the roof of one of the brand’s supermarkets, to supply it with chocolate eggs for Easter.

The ad racked up 603 tweets over the first 30 days:

Tweet volumes for Asda's Giant Hen ad

Although, not everyone was a fan…

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