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It’s no secret that provocative advertising is on the rise, and for good reason: an edgy ad can mean the difference between obscurity and success. However, the strategy is a risky one, as UK restaurant chain Gourmet Burger Kitchen found out the hard way this week. The brand took a gamble on an ad campaign that poked fun at vegetarians, and thousands of people took to Twitter to protest.

So how did they get things so wrong, and was it all worth it? We used the Visibrain Twitter monitoring platform to try and find out.

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Whether you take them seriously or not, New Year’s resolutions are a big part of the festive season. This year has been no exception: 431,226 tweets about New Year’s resolutions have been posted since December 25th, from users vowing to makes changes to their lives for 2016.

So which changes are people promising to make the most on Twitter? We used the Visibrain Twitter monitoring platform to find out.

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Topsy’s sudden shut-down back in December may have come as a shock to many, but considering that it was bought by Apple back in 2013, its demise was a long time coming.

Topsy was a very popular tool, and its disappearance has left fans wondering why Apple put a stop to the service. To get a better understanding of why Topsy was shut down, we need to look to Twitter.

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Love them or hate them, ‘tis the season of the Christmas ad. This year’s festive adverts have given us the usual mixture of heart-warming sentiment and mouthwatering food, with tear-jerking masterpieces and some downright weirdness thrown in for good measure.

Now that the initial excitement is over, we used Visibrain Quick Trends to look back on the last 30 days of activity on Twitter, to find out which campaigns are still generating the most tweets on the run up to Christmas.